I am a 58 yo male with Myoclonic Dystonia.

Myoclonic dystonia, also referred to as myoclonus dystonia syndrome, is a rare movement disorder that causes spontaneous muscle contraction, resulting in abnormal posture. The specific prevalence of myoclonus dystonia has not yet been reported. This disorder falls under the umbrella of movement disorders which affect thousands worldwide.

I took my first draw in 2019 sitting outside looking at Pikes Peak on a cool July evening. It smelled and tasted like Glade Christmas air freshener, actually very pleasant. It was fast – within the minute I felt the effects. Is this what normal feels like I thought to myself. I had three, maybe four, draws and felt very relaxed and somewhat euphoric, but not like an alcohol buzz. More full body. The jerks and the odd contortions lessened significantly. Intentional movements still resulted in some jerks and twists, but not so bad. I was also less anxious and felt more at ease.

Does it ‘fix’ everything? No. But neither do prescription pharmaceuticals, and it seems much more effective. I have only tried a few strains because once I got back to Texas, getting it is a bit more of a challenge. But I have some ‘friends’ that use it medically as well and there are ways. I usually buy an ounce at a time and it lasts me a good amount of time. I have used Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), Hindu Kush, and AK47. I really liked the Hindu Kush. I’d like to try a few other strains – perhaps Pennywise or Harlequin that are low THC and high CBD strains.