In 1995 I was injured in a car accident. As happens with most medical professionals, I was given any and every opiate pain medication available at the time. My injuries are permanent, I still deal with pain caused from the injuries I sustained back in 95. I’m considered disabled and have not been able to work for 7 years now. After 20 years of taking opiate meds and occasionally smoking marijuana I was given medical marijuana for the 1st time. I spent a year decreasing the opiate use and now exclusively use marijuana to ease my pain and live a comfortable life.

I no longer need meds for migraines, for my nerve pain or the pain that everybody part feels. Marijuana has been my saving grace. I’m no longer in the brain fog that opiate use gives. I’m more present for my kids, I’m a better mom and wife. I feel so blessed to have my life back.

With marijuana I can go about my life. Living in a state where it’s legal to consume and grow my own medicine is more beneficial to me and my family then any other medications I’ve been given. Having a vape pen at my disposal has been my saving grace as I go about my life. I can get out and enjoy this world rather than sit inside wallowing in my pain. I’ve always said opioids only make you so loopy you don’t concentrate on pain, you sleep thru life. With medical marijuana I can go out and LIVE my life to the fullest.

My heart is full of gratitude for this plant and all of the healing it can bring.