The Physician’s Cannabis & Cancer Research Study by Aury Lor Holtzman MD

This study is focusing on the use of Cannabis as an adjunct therapy for the management of various types of cancer. We started it in May of 2015. We hope to determine Cannabis’ place as an alternative treatment in the spectrum of therapy available to patients. The patient will come in for a consultation with Dr. Holtzman and bring with them their CA ID & previous medical records. We are willing to help all types of cancer and all people within the area. If they get approved to use Cannabis, they will have free oil that is donated to us from various growers. (We are always looking for more sources of oil as the patients keep coming) The main issue Dr. Holtzman and I are having is that as we are looking to expand, the project needs more volunteer delivery drivers to distribute the donated oil.

The study collects and analyzes data from biweekly conference calls and email updates. Each week I have various guest speakers to encourage and educate the patients. Any difficulties the patients experience are also evaluated during the calls. Patients can be as involved or uninvolved as they please. The Facebook page also provides a forum for social support & sharing of resources.

The oil that qualifies to be used in the study has to be lab tested and extracted using a food grade alcohol solvent. We are using different oils currently, but hope to secure a consistent source that will serve as the independent variable as we gain more patients. During the radio piece I hope to elucidate to growers that it is also to their legal benefit to donate oil in exchange for patient recommendations hanging in their grow room.

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What is Cannabis Oil?

  • The last 12,000 years humans have relied on cannabis for medicine, food, fuel, and textiles. This makes the plant one of humanity’s oldest cultivated crops. When used as a medication, small amounts of cannabis oil have a profound effect on the body and mind.
  • Our cannabis oil is lab tested and made by a Doctor of Pharmacy in an IFO accredited lab. Our team uses safe, pharmaceutical-grade alcohol when manufacturing our oils. Unfortunately, not all oils are created equal. Due to the lack of regulation in the medical cannabis industry, many oils that are available at collectives are not lab tested or extracted by skilled professionals.