I am not one of those people that think drinking beer while smoking pot is inherently dangerous. I find that in the proper setting, smoking and drinking can go together very well, and a decent beer can compliment the buzz you have from your cannabis.

I was always deathly afraid to drink beer when I was on pills for my disease, as I was worried that I would not wake up when I went to bed after doing both. I don’t have that fear when I drink and smoke, but do have a word of warning for those of you who decide to do so: Be careful.

Drinking is definitely more dangerous than smoking pot, as I feel alcohol effects you more heavily than cannabis. I am a social drinker who has a history of occasionally getting wild in my younger days. However, those days are gone, and I generally have one to two very good quality beers and call it a day.

Smoking pot enhances the effects of drinking, and if you consume too much smoke or beer before the other, you will get hit like a brick wall. I have had this happen once, when I consumed two Belgian Beers that had a 9% alcohol content and then smoked a bowl of OG Kush.

I didn’t black out or anything like that, but I ended up being sick as heck. I found that the Kush ended up piggybacking on the beer and just made me miserable.

I would suggest making sure that you consume slowly if you drink and smoke at the same time. It is the safest way to make sure that you are able to enjoy yourself without getting sick.

What do you think? Is smoking and drinking at the same time a good idea? What strains and beer do you like to combine? Leave your opinion in the comment section below.