Now that we have entered the 21st century, it seems that technology has caught up with the drug world. Instead of lighting up a pipe or taking a pill, a person looking for a good high can instead jack into an iPod and press play. But that doesn’t make sense. How can you consume a drug through your iPod? Clearly there is no way to ingest such a drug… is there?

The reality is that yes,┬áthese days, there is a way to get high through your iPod or MP3 player. The way this works is through sounds, which work to alter your brainwaves and cause you to feel different effects, from euphoria to sadness, to yes… even a marijuana buzz.

This method of high delivery is known as bi-neural beats.

As far as I know, bi-neural beats are a legal and safe way for users to feel various highs. I can vouch for their abilities, and can say that the effects are real, if not a little more light and not as long lasting as doing a real drug.

Being the curious fellow that I am, I decided to experiment and see just what would happen if I ended up smoking a bowl and then following up with some bi-neural beats.

My experience went like this:

I ended up lighting a bowl and finishing it. The weed was what I would call medium strength, and although I was high, I could still function in a relatively normal fashion.

After finishing my bowl, I decided to throw on my headphones and start a bi-neural beat that was supposed to simulate the effects of marijuana. I hit the start button and put a sleep mask on in order to block out all light.

The bi-neural session lasts 15 minutes, and I could definitely feel the effects taking hold of me. With no light passing through, I got the sensation that I was light as a feather, and began to lift off of my bed.

When the 15 minutes was up, I took the mask off and tried sitting up. High from both the beats and the weed, I could barely stand up. I ended up having to take a breather and laid down for the duration of the bi-neural high (about 10 minutes).

The effects of the dose wore off soon after, and I was able to regain my composure. I still kept my high from the weed, but it was not nearly as strong as what I felt previously.

I will say that those looking for a short term boost to their marijuana experience should try a bi-neural beat. It would likely be most beneficial once your initial high is wearing off, and will give you new life.

Just don’t expect this to take the place of your pot. It is not a comparable substitute.