I am someone who is always looking for something different. Complacency is not my thing, and I like to change things up a bit. My house always is being re-arranged, and my tastes are always looking for that “something better”.

This rule also applies to medical marijuana. I know what I like, but with so many different strains out there, I am constantly looking for something a little bit better. I know that I love OG Kush, Blueberry Yum Yum, and the recently reviewed Maui Waui. These strains are so high above anything else I’ve smoked in my brief medical marijuana career. Therefore, when something comes around that strikes me as being great, it is a big deal.

I have met that strain, and it is called Blue God.

Blue God appears to be something that you would find on the Avatar based planet of Pandora. This stuff is the most striking weed I have ever seen. It has a great, deep blue nuggets and an elaborate, fruity flavor.

Upon lighting it up, I got the aroma almost of bananas while taking my first hit off the bowl. I found that the flavor was also fruity, and medium bodied. The strength of this stuff is awesome, with me almost being put on my butt after just three hits.

I did notice that the pot itself burned pretty quickly, but with the potency of this stuff I didn’t need a lot of it. Effect were pronounced for several hours, during which time I felt very relaxed and almost euphoric.

Other than the quick burning, I have nothing bad to say about his stuff. Nada. Zip. Blue God is some of the best stuff I have ever experienced. It definitely is among of the best weed I have ever had. It definitely joins my top three, and may have just overcome Blueberry Yum Yum.

I will definitely be saving my pennies in order to keep this stuff in my house. If you have not experienced Blue God yet, find out where you can get some and DO IT NOW!