It is no secret that there are almost as many ways to consume marijuana as there are different strains with different effects. Eating, vaporizing, and smoking are among the most popular ways to consume this medicine, and it is definitely a subject that is openly debated across many forums and smoking locations throughout the world. For myself, I am a guy who prefers to ingest my medical pot through edibles, but this is not always the most convenient option. There are times when I need to get a good dose in, and smoking just gives me the fastest effects when in a pinch.

But when it comes to smoking, which way do I prefer? Joints are pretty quick to roll up, but really just a basic way to smoke. If I am going to take the time to do this, I would prefer to roll a blunt, but this is a lot of work. Also being a cigar aficionado, I cannot tolerate a cheap cigar. There are no Phillies being consumed in my household, and I am not sure I want to take the time and care of splitting up a Rocky Patel, Acid, or Monte Cristo to take my medical marijuana dose. Bongs are better than a blunt or joint in my opinion. I don’t know if it is true that water filters out some carcinogens, but I always feel that the smoke is just better. I get some really nice rips off my little guy that I usually keep in my closet, and I am able to tolerate more of the smoke than when inhaling from a joint or blunt.

Last up for me here is the bowl or glass pipe. You may be surprised that I find this to be the best method for me, given what I find to be a harsh reaction between me and the straight smoke of a joint. Pulling off a pipe smoke is fast and convenient for me, as setup takes just a minute, and I am able to “hit and go”. Time is really a valuable asset to me, and with three kids, I really don’t have a lot of time to sit around and dose up my medicine. Given all the options out there, I am sure that I will find a better option for me (I have yet to vaporize), but for the time being it is: 1. Edibles, 2. Bowls.

What do you think? What do you prefer?