My name is Tammie Z. I have many health conditions and have been smoking and using cannabis for many years. When i was fifteen my knees started hurting, and when i went to the doctor, he gave me 2000mg of an anti-inflammatory drug that tore up my stomach. One of my friends from school said you should try cannabis, and so I did. It helped with the pain and nausea from the pills. As time went on I kept medicating with pot because it helps. I’m learning so much on my journey with cannabis, especially now with all the articles online that you can read. There are so many uses for the whole plant, that the possibilities are almost endless. I plan to learn to make edibles and tinctures this summer. I wish everyone could use this awesome plant. My life is so much better now that I am a an MMJ card holder. I’m calmer and not anxious all the time. I can talk with others and not be scared. I’m even looking for a part time job too. This wouldn’t be happening without cannabis!