Chronic Back Pain and Pot

Chronic Back Pain and Pot

Suffering from chronic pain since a car accident a few years back had left me unable to hold a job and enjoy life.  I was taking seven different prescription painkillers every day, all riddled with side effects.  My bowels stopped working for long periods of time, which led to even more pills and more problems.   After trying marijuana as a form of treatment, I cut my prescription needs in half almost instantly.  Now, a year later, I am off of all painkillers and only use marijuana.  I no longer have to sacrifice another problem in order to ease my pain.  The pain is gone and so are all of the side effects.  I am now a strong advocate for legalizing marijuana so that others can freely treat themselves without hassle or judgment.

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Anna attended four years of medical school before spending eight years working in the marijuana industry as an activist and journalist. She's a MMJ card holder and passionate about sharing the medicinal benefits of cannabis with others. Anna's work features on marijuanapatientcard and

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  1. Stillmin January 9, 2017 at 2:48 pm - Reply

    Im the same way. I have rods and screws on my spine not fun and your story is just like mine. True story. Has been years for me fighting for disability and no avail. It is rough daily. All kinds of meds and i stopped smoking because of the process and doctors that look at you dunny when you say you smoked and felt better

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