For the little bit I have been using medical marijuana to treat my probable Primary Lateral Sclerosis, I must say that I have been extraordinarily pleased with the results. My wife has seen that this treatment pattern has helped me to sleep better, reduced my spasms, and given me an all around better demeanor.

It is these results that convinced her that medical cannabis was the solution for her Chron’s Disease.

My wife was diagnosed with serious Chron’s Disease last May. I can recall that she woke me up in the middle of the night asking to go to the hospital. Twelve hours later, she had six inches of her intestines as well as her appendix removed due to what the doctor called an extreme case of Chron’s. She had presented no signs previously, and had no idea she was even sick.

That surgery opened the floodgates.

Despite the fact that she follows a strict diet, and does her best to lead a healthy lifestyle, she has been riddled with the effects of this disease. Abdominal pain, frequent bathroom trips, and a lack of appetite have all become almost daily occurrences for her, and she frankly was not doing to well.

We ended up researching if medical marijuana could help her, and low and behold, the magical green leaf has been shown to help in patients suffering from this incurable disease.

Researching the possible benefits of using medical marijuana to aid in the treatment brought us a lot of good info. Some of these benefits include:

  • Helping with appetite
  • Reducing swelling in intestinal tissues
  • Reducing nausea associated with Chron’s
  • Relieving intestinal pain associated with the disease

Of course these are not all of the benefits of medical cannabis, but for Chron’s Disease it shows that a dosage of cannabis can definitely bring much needed relief.

Since we began looking into this issue, my wife decided to schedule her marijuana certification test. Much like me, she took her medical records to the doctor who then prescribed her the herb in order to gain relief.

She has used a few times since she got her certification, and decided that edibles are the way for her to go. After taking her edible (usually a brownie), she gets noticeable relief and has noted that her trips to the bathroom are down, as is the amount of pain she feels in her belly.

It is yet another cannabis success story.