Being pretty new to the medical marijuana scene, I hadn’t figured that eating your medicine would be an effective way to get the desired effects. Sure, we have all seen the television show or heard of a friend’s older relative who ingested a “special” brownie and had a completely out of their gourds time. But what about actually using an edible form of cannabis to help treat your illness? Is it an effective way to get relief? What are the pros and cons? These are some of the questions I will tackle in this entry, and I hope that you find it to be informative and helpful.

When most of us first get into the realm of using medical marijuana, we think of the most common way to take it: by smoking it. While smoking does provide some pretty fast results, there are definitely other ways to ingest your dosage of cannabis, and I would argue that edible marijuana provides the best results with a longer dosage effect. I first became aware that edibles were being used in the medical marijuana field when I got in touch with a caregiver. In my home state of Michigan, a court ruling took away the legal operating status of most compassion clubs, meaning that the safest way to get your medicine is through a caregiver. The one I found touted free edibles.

I was intrigued.I set up an appointment and met with the man in my hometown. He explained the setup to me, and various ways we could move forward. I ended up buying an 1/8th and also got my hands on a free brownie, which had 2.6 grams of medical marijuana in it.When I got home and ate the brownie, I anxiously awaited my results. It took a lot longer for me to start feeling any effect. I would venture to say that around the 40 minute mark. Like a wave coming over me, I felt a great relaxing feeling, almost like a hug. This effect soothed my tension in my back and I was off to the races.

The effects lasted several hours, during which time I was able to fully relax and actually get a decent nap in (sleeping is hard for me, as I have back spasms that shock me awake in the middle of sleep). I will say that the effects were much more enhanced than when I have smoked out of a bowl or bong, and I am really quite impressed.Coming down off the dose was no big deal, and I honestly felt great for about two days after. I would say that edibles may not taste as great as a good classic brownie, the effect really makes it worth taking your medical cannabis this way. Effects are stronger and last longer than smoking, and I really see the only downfall as being the amount of time it takes to kick in.