There are a lot of fancy things out there that people splurge money on. My wife, for instance loves her Coach purses. To me, a purse is a purse, but my wife sees the value in these purses. “They are a quality product,” she tells me, making the case that she would have to buy 3 $30 purses to get the value out of one $80 purse.

I will cave a bit and say there are true instances of getting what you pay for. Time and time again I have put down for cheap electronics, only to have to go out and buy the same device again 8 months later. However, when it comes to things like a glass pipe to smoke medical marijuana, I have to ask: Why do you need to have such a fancy one?

Maybe I am a bit of an old fogey now, but I see this more in terms of function than style. When I am preparing to smoke my medical marijuana, I just want to feel better. I don’t really care if my pipe looks like a rocket, a Flintstones car, or whatever stuff these shops are selling these days. Relief trumps style in my eyes, and frankly I get just as medicated when I smoke out of my $8 small boy as when I have smoked out of a $150 glass dragon.

I find that the money being spent on these pipes and accessories is not necessary, and that I can save that money on more medicine. Am I out of line here, thinking that these pipes fall into the same line as a purse? I can see that some may argue that more expensive pipes are constructed better and less likely to chip or break. At the same time though, many of these expensive pipes feature exquisitely crafted glass that appears to be quite thin. You can’t tell me that pipe is less likely to break than a fat, squatty one, can you?