My name is Diane and my CBD story started just before my 40th birthday when I received news no woman wants to hear: You have breast cancer.

A friend of mine suggested I start using hemp oil shortly after my diagnosis and before my mastectomy.  In addition to the calming effect it had on me, I know the CBD oil helped my recovery from such a traumatic surgery that left me with a huge scar that runs from my armpit to the center of my chest.

After any extensive surgery, or any medical procedure, the important thing is to get enough rest and allow the body to heal.  CBD allowed me to stay calm after seeing the scar from having a breast removed and allowed me to sleep at night.

The calming effect also helped as I dealt with having to put myself first for once, including ahead of my special needs son.  I am not the type of person to be selfish, but this was necessary. This was a life-and-death situation and I needed to not only remain calm, but needed to focus.

I even paid tribute to my breast the night before my surgery by writing a letter I posted to social media to hopefully help other women cope.  In short, I thanked my breast for being part of my life since puberty, for helping to feed my two kids when they were babies and for making me feel beautiful.  I also wrote that I will grieve for it, but I must move on and fight for my life.

My husband “smuggled” CBD oil into me 24 hours after surgery (I wasn’t going to ask permission and risk being told no) and I took it throughout my recovery.  I am convinced that CBD allowed me to start driving a car within a week of my surgery. In most “normal” cases, it can take up to four weeks for fluid to drain, but for me it took only about a week.  I am convinced the CBD oil lowered the inflammation in my body from the surgery and helped prevent the scar from being any worse, or the wound from becoming infected.

CBD got me this far and I will trust it to get me through the next phase of my treatment – chemotherapy.

I am sharing my story in the hopes that it will help give women the tools and support they need to take care of themselves.