I have been smoking weed for about 8 years now, so since the 10th grade. No other medicine has been able to do what marijuana does for me. Not only does it help with the chronic back pain of the sciatica that I endure daily, but it also aids me in major depression, stress, generalized anxiety, and insomnia that I face. I can quit without withdrawals or anything of the sort at anytime, and have done so before. But do I want to or need to quit at anytime? Absolutely not. I am a fully functioning adult who made it all the way through getting my BA in Psychology from a top university with a 3.0 GPA, all while smoking pot all day everyday. Smoking weed doesn’t make you ‘dumber’ as the government likes to portray stoners like myself. Weed also won’t make you less ambitious. I plan to continue my education while smoking every day, I would just like to stop living in the dark about this plant and help legalize it already.