In 2012 my wife and I were in a car accident. My doctor gave me many Cortisone injections and eventually I had several ESI Spinal Injections, which caused me to have Steroid Psychosis.

Steroid Psychosis makes you want to commit suicide every day. I was hospitalized twice, for 14 days the first time and 12 days the second time. My psychiatrist prescribed ECT Electroshock Therapy to correct the issue, but after 12 treatments it still didn’t help. A few years went by and after exhausting all known medications, nothing worked, and it was time to try something else.

My psychiatrist then prescribed ketamine treatments, but after a week’s worth of treatments nothing happened; no help or relief came. Then after a couple of years my psychiatrist prescribed TSM transcranial magnetic stimulation. It just made my libido extremely active, which wasn’t something my wife and I really need to deal with at this point. But now I’m stuck with it — it’s been about a year and a half and I’m still stuck with the libido issue.

This year, my Steroid Psychosis has gone from bad to worse. I have been disabled since 2012 due to my physical disabilities and my mental disabilities. The Steroid Psychosis had gotten even worse, and I was at the point of committing suicide twice in July 2019. Thankfully I said a very brief prayer each time to Jehovah God, before I took that final step, and I was motivated to text an elder in my congregation each time and then he called me each time and prayed with me asking for help. I was so desperate I was already dead in my heart and my mind… how could I have gotten this bad?

After the second time of being ready to end my life, I was desperately praying for anything that could help stop this horrible feeling that made me just want to kill myself. I tried Medical Marijuana in August 2019, and after just one use the Steroid Psychosis was gone (I am using 1:1 dose). I don’t even remember what those feelings were like.