The very first product I tried was Blue Dream. Untreated without meds, my blood pressure has gone as high as 220 over 199. I smoked the Blue Dream bud and within 9 minutes the blood pressure was down to 155 over 97. I then consumed a small amount more and then the blood pressure was 126 over 73. To maintain that blood pressure requires enough to get an all-over body buzz, a feeling sometimes described as “couch lock”.

I had ulcerative colitis, and prescribed medicines were making it worse so I stopped the meds. In the last several months the ulcerative colitis was causing loose bloody stools, terrible intestinal pain, bloating and gas — it was terrible. My first ingestion caused a lot of intestinal pain, but after 3 days all is now normal. Bloating is gone, pain is gone, no more blood. You can look up the meaning of cure. I would say that cannabis cured me of ulcerative colitis.

I needed something that would not make me couch locked so that I can work and be productive, so I sought out a Sativa strain (you can research the differences online). I chose Jack Herer #3. This does not reduce blood pressure like the Blue Dream, but I am not as couch locked as with Blue Dream. I am very relaxed. Smoking it causes me to cough at times throughout the day so I mostly consume it in edibles. I wouldn’t smoke it at all but my study reveals there are very specific benefits to smoking that won’t happen if you ingest it.

Now 8 days in from my first cannabis purchase my ulcerative colitis symptoms are completely gone. I can eat and not have something terrible happen to me as a result. On Jack Herer 3 I am very relaxed but still capable of functioning and carrying out tasks. My blood pressure isn’t as low as it was on Blue Dream. My BP is 142 over 89. It’s lower than it was before I started taking cannabis.