I have suffered from chronic back pain ever since I had an accident about 5 years ago.  Doctors have prescribed me multiple painkillers and chiropractors have been futile in their attempts to treat me.

I took every painkiller under the sun, trying to find something that eased my pain just a little bit.  Some worked great at relieving pain, but they also made me virtually unconscious, which was impractical.  I had to be alert at work and I have two small children who I don’t want to see me in a painkiller coma every day.  Other drugs gave me no relief at all, yet were laden with side effects like nausea, drowsiness and insomnia.

About a year ago, I was fed up with trying new painkiller cocktails and feeling worse than ever.  A friend suggested I smoke pot to relax.  I laughed at first because I haven’t smoked pot in probably 15 years!  He eventually talked me into it, just to get my mind cleared for an hour or two.  Immediately after smoking, I felt everything in my body relax, including my back.  No pain, no spasms, nothing! The effects were immediate and lasted for hours.  I realized that marijuana was the safest and most effective drug to ease my back pain.  Doctors, chiropractors and back specialists all were unable to help me.  It’s marijuana that truly has my back!