Living in a state where medical marijuana consumption is a hot button issue, I try to keep up to date on the news in the best way that I can. Following the news in my state, a state judge ruled that medical marijuana dispensaries across the state can be shut down if county prosecutors deem them to be a public nuisance. What this means to medical patients such as myself, is that our medicine can be even harder to get a hold of. Finding a good dispensary is hard enough to do, but finding them as they are all being shut down by the decision of one person.

But if you need your medicine, what are your other options? You could grow your own plants, but the equipment and skill needed to tend to your plants may make this out of reach for the everyman. I myself am all thumbs, but none of them are green. This means that growing my own is NOT an option. The other choice is to get a caregiver to grow and acquire your medical cannabis from.

For me this is the best option, and I really have developed a close relationship with my caregiver, Ronnie. Ronnie has a great knowledge of medical grade marijuana, and he helped point me in a good direction as to what plants would aid me the best. We opted for some Blueberry Yum Yum and OG Kush, and I have been set ever since.

What really seals the deal with my caregiver though is the fact that he cares. He is always asking how I am doing and we discuss which methods will work best for getting me feeling better. On top of this, Ronnie regularly supplies me with free edibles as well as hash from the plants he grows for me. Even if dispensaries were relevant around here, would I be able to get that level of caring and service there? I doubt it. That is why I love my caregiver.