One of the reasons that I decided to keep my decision to treat my chronic illness with medical marijuana was those pesky “hangers on”. I was already worried about the stigma attached to those who smoke cannabis being “junkies”, and I do not want the extra attention or opinions of others affecting me or causing trouble.

Unfortunately for me, one of the few people that I decided to tell about my decision has turned out to be one of those who thinks that because I have a medical marijuana prescription, he somehow will be able to consume my medicine.

It began when he came over for dinner with my family. After a discussion of various events happening throughout our country and world, the issue of medical marijuana came up. It was then that I revealed that I indeed did have a card that allowed me to use cannabis for medicinal effects. Upon finding out about this, he joked “When can I smoke some too?”.

I figured he was joking. Sadly he was not.

For the rest of the night he bugged me about trying some of my medical pot. I laughed it off at first, then got a bit more stern, and then fully aggravated by the whole situation. I eventually had to tell him, “Dude, I am NOT sharing my weed with you, knock it off, it is NOT funny. It is illegal, and this is legitimate medicine.”

There was an awkward silence, and then he said, “Cool.”

Since that time I have not spoken with my friend, although it is not from my trying to reach out to him. He has not responded to my calls, and I don’t know if he is mad, embarrassed, or something else, but I really felt the need to put my foot down on this one.

Medical marijuana is great, but there is a stigma attached to it that it is the same thing you used to smoke during college. This is not the case. With my medical marijuana prescription I have a responsibility to follow the laws that were passed by voters in my state. I cannot go around passing around my medicine to others who think it falls into line with what they did in college.

That is not cool man, and I cannot allow it.