When we hear the words Pineapple Express, the majority of us think of the classic marijuana movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. But those of us familiar with the smoking world will also know that Pineapple Express is also a strain of marijuana; a pretty decent strain too!

Like many people out there, I knew Pineapple Express was both a strain AND a movie, but I myself had never actually consumed it. Luckily, I had the chance to smoke some the other day (and somehow kept it together enough to record my thoughts on it). Below you will get my take on this soon-to-be classic strain.

Upon first inspection, Pineapple Express looked to be more or less a mediocre bit of marijuana to me. When I got closer, I was impressed to see little orange hairs sticking out of the green. Additionally, I was able to ascertain the fruity smell that Pineapple Express is known for.

I ended up lighting up my portion of Pineapple Express through one of my most trusted glass bowls. I found that the cannabis split up very nicely and got into my bowl without much of a fuss or mess. Upon ignition, I found the pot to be very aromatic with the same fruity smell being imparted onto my palate.

The initial high I got was very intense and not what I could call a full body high. Most of everything I felt was up in my head, specifically behind my eyeballs. I had a good buzzy, all around great feeling there, but ended up feeling a bit tuckered out.

Pineapple Express ended up making me feel very relaxed, with almost all stress being vanquished almost instantly. I will say that I wish I got more of a full body high, but the overall odor, flavor, and effects I got made this into an amazing smoke. I definitely recommend you give this stuff a shot if given the chance. A cinema chaser of the movie is also recommended, and I wish I would have on the initial take.

Maybe next time!