Sign Up for the Rick Simpson Oil CBD Cancer Study

  • Complete the health assessment and upload your medical records. Upon completion, you will be eligible for a delivery.
  • Before placing a subsequent order, patients are required to complete a weekly assessment. This patient feedback will allow our team to more effectively treat you and make changes.
  • After you become a member, we recommend reading the “getting started,” dosing protocol.
  • As a member of our research study, you will have access to weekly conference calls with guest speakers that include cannabis experts and doctors.
  • If you are having any additional concerns, we will consult with you via email or phone.
New Patient Assessment

Patient Requirements for the CDB Study

  • A California licensed physician recommendation for the use of cannabis.

    If you live in Orange County please visit Dr. Holtzman

  • We only dispense medication in Orange County to patients or verified caregivers. Caregiver forms are no cost and are highly recommended incase you cannot pick up medication.
  • You will also need to sign a collective agreement with us, pursuant to the provisions of California Health and Safety Code § 11362.775.