“I Don’t Often Dose Everyday, But When I Do I Feel Awesome”

Being on a fixed income, being able to afford a healthy amount of medical marijuana is not always in the cards for me. When I end up using medical cannabis, it is maybe a few times a week, or as my budget allows. However, there are times when my condition is so intense, so severe,  and so chronic (no pun intended), that I need to use medical marijuana for several days in a row. This is not the most economical choice for me, but it does help me feel a lot better. In this blog entry I will detail a four day usage period and the progress I made during this time. I hope it is eye opening for you, and hopefully it helps you in some way.

Day 1: I wake up feeling awful. I have cramps in my lower legs, my back hurts, and I am having occasional spasms. After getting set for the day I am feeling no better. It is at this time I decide to eat an edible brownie that my caregiver gave me a few days prior. About an hour later I am feeling somewhat better, and I continue to eat parts of this brownie throughout the day, keeping my cramps and aches lower for the day.

Day 2: I am still sore when I wake up, but it is not as bad today. That is until the back spasms kick up. Once again, I decide to dose up, and end up smoking some Blueberry Yum Yum from my glass pipe. I am instantly relaxed, and my spasms subside. Along with stretching and laying on a hard floor, I am starting to feel a lot better, and think that my better results may be because of using the day before.

Day 3: I wake up and actually feel pretty good. I am spry, and able to go about my morning routine without any issues. Sitting down to work, I end up tweaking my back, wherein the muscle spasms start again. Another little bit of a brownie and roughly an hour of sitting in discomfort, and I am better. Almost like a light switch, I am good. Pain gone. I end up taking more throughout the day in order to keep the pain away. I end up taking my last bite before going to bed, hoping it helps.

Day 4: It does! I am almost completely pain free for the entire day, and I feel just awesome. My spasms have not come up at all, and I feel pretty good most of the day (small aches and pains notwithstanding). I have no need to use any cannabis today, and I feel awesome.

These results lasted for about an extra three days after I took my last bite of an edible brownie. I fully attribute this good feeling to the work that the cannaboids did for me, and I can definitely see the benefits of using every day. As noted before, I cannot afford to do this very often, and I wish I truly could. I will continue treating on an as needed basis, but I think the benefits of using every day are there, and I hope that someone sees this and can use it to help determine their best way of medicating.