When I began writing this blog, I was a complete newbie to the medical marijuana scene. My experiences of smoking were all relegated to college experiences where I was completely unsure of what exactly I was inhaling.

Now that I have my sea legs under me (so to speak), I have gotten a taste for more or less what I like. I have found that I know what to look for in marijuana, I feel that I should be letting you guys know exactly what I am smoking on a week to week basis.

With that, I am going to start giving you my Strain of the Week. This week’s is what many in the cannabis community consider a classic: Maui Waui.

Maui Waui is a strain of pot that does not have all of the colored hairs and crystals that we see on some strains, but that does not take away from the solid nature of this stuff. It is a very good, if light weed, and the effects it gives you are not weak, but will also not knock you on your butt either.

I found Maui Waui to be very green with a slightly sweet odor. Lighting up, I got an almost instantaneous head high, which slowly worked its way down to my feet.

I would not classify this as weak stuff, but it did not hit me nearly as hard as strains like OG Kush or Skunk have in the past. I got an extremely happy feeling while smoking this, and spent a good portion of my day outside enjoying the warm spring weather we had.

On the downside, I will say that I had to make sure that I constantly had a drink by my side while I was affected by Maui Waui. This pot causes some rotten cottonmouth, and I was drinking something every few minutes because of it. This is really the only negative I can say that I had with this strain.

Overall, I would advocate using Maui Waui if you are looking for a high that will “lift you up”. It may not be the strongest kid on the block, but this stuff will definitely offer you a great feeling along with a sweet, almost flowery flavor. Just make sure that you have something to drink to make up for the cottonmouth that you will experience while affected by this stuff.