This week for Strain of the Week, I am changing things up a bit. This strain I am boosting up this week is a real heavy hitter with a fruity taste and a high that will put you up, but not let you down.

This week’s Strain of the Week is The Purp.

Purp is a strain that is an Indica, with purple hairs and a craggy look on the nuggets. The Purp is not a strain that will overpower you with a high, and after taking multiple bong rips I was still able to go about most of my daily activities.

I am advocating The Purp for those of you who don’t need something that will knock you on your butt. This stuff is good, but you will not be completely over the moon. It is a mid-range strain that does not cost as much as some other strains we have encountered (OG Kush, Blue God).

The nuggets I handled were of a solid variety, and I was able to break them up without feeling that it was cheap garbage. The Purp burnt evenly, and I got quite a bit of delivery for the smoking that I put this stuff through.

Effects lasted several hours, but as noted above, I was able to go out and do the yard work that my wife was nagging me to get done. I also did not get as hungry with The Purp as I do with other strains, and felt no cottonmouth or headaches popping up during the session and after effects.

Those of you who are looking for a decent mid-range strain of marijuana that will not break the bank should definitely check out The Purp. It is a fruity, friendly Indica that will deliver a good full body buzz.

Have you ever smoked The Purp before? What are your thoughts on it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.