We are told that we don’t know what is good for us; only the doctors do. After all, they’ve been studying for years to attain such a lucrative, yet gory, rewarding, yet sense-numbing career. We are told to be good products/people and take ONLY the FDA-approved drugs. Adderall, with potency worse than old school bikers crank, is being fed to our children for productivity purposes, likened wisely to mental enslavement, brainwashing. Xanax is hailed as a chemical imbalance repairman, though it has been proven difficult to balance anything, even neurochemicals, without existing scales or measurements. And the over-prescribed murderer, Oxycontin, is running rampant and misleading poor lost souls seeking enlightenment, hope and maybe a release from the painful vise-grip of existence in this ever increasing world of constant human degradation. And now, the FDA and pharmaceutical giants are poisoning us quicker through their monopolistic regulation, or lack thereof. Infecting patients with Exserohilum Rostratum, a fungus, causing fungal meningitis, in patients injected by their pharmaceutically controlled physicians. The same doctors we are told to blindly trust with our very lives have killed at least 23 people, who they were supposed to save, with new cases appearing daily. Fourteen thousand people in 23 states have received the essentially poisonous injections of the FDA-approved steroid, methylprednisolone acetate, birthed in an uncontrolled Massachusetts laboratory. It is eerily reminiscent of the treacherous “poison the water supply” trick of the old west. We have never been able to trust our government or political figures, but now we cannot even trust our doctors to be diligent. All the money flowing into hospitals and nobody could check to see if compounded medication might be contaminated with a deadly, yet microscopically visible fungus? How could this have happened? Why are FDA-approved medications killing more and more people while, still to this day, nobody has died from choosing to heal themselves with the all natural marijuana?


The top three most widely prescribed types of medications are analgesics, anti-diabetes medications and anti-depressants. Marijuana is an obvious antidepressant, a scientifically proven analgesic and recent studies have shown that THCV and CBD have positive effects on how the body processes insulin and protects the cells in our body that make insulin. So why is the FDA so afraid of marijuana? It is not the imagined harmful effects on our children and society; it is to keep the Big Pharma monster breathing and well fed with monetary sustenance and human sacrifices. Even the FDA approved, synthetic THC drug, Marinol, has been linked to at least four deaths from overdose. The toxic overdose level of marijuana is too high for human consumption, which, plainly put, is impossible to reach, yet we are forced to entrust our lives to the omnipotent government, which has taken over the role of God in our deranged society. This is how the oppressive totalitarian regimes of Orwell’s “1984,” or Huxley’s “Brave New World,” will begin their effortless takeover. When will the pharmaceutical companies cease their attempts to triumph over nature and stop feeding us medication with side effects far worse than the ailments they are meant to treat? The answer is simple: when we stop buying them.


Our Earth has been protecting herself for a time that seems unfathomable to terrestrial people. So why the seemingly innate human need to try to better our celestial creator, and healer, with forged chemical treatments? We are a young, naïve species with delusions of grandeur and an irresistible yearning for immortality, evident in our reliance on science to cure what ails us. We are of this Earth, but fail to understand that the cures for everything are already living amongst us and are not created by us. Cannabis is one of those cures and the only way to assure safe, quality medicine is through self-cultivation, which is something impossible to realize in the pharmaceutical industry. We rely on soulless companies that are more concerned with quarterly gains than safety, rather than rely on ourselves and on nature. A single manufacturer in Massachusetts got lazy and murdered dozens of innocent people, so far, with only a recall as a repercussion. This movement isn’t just about getting high, it is about the human right to heal ourselves as we see fit, especially when it is as simple as growing and using a plant.If a law is unjust, we must not obey it. This is a call for herbal cultivation to heal us and to stop relying on medicine that is founded upon capitalism. The government cannot arrest the entire nation, so we need to stand together, hand-in-hand, joint in mouth.

Source: Mike Condon