In a world with so much hatred, so much disease, and so much poverty, it is a wonder that any of us are still alive. I just came back from a trip to New York where I ended up speaking to an older couple about my illness and the fact that I am a medical marijuana user.

The response that I got from this couple in New York warmed my heart. Instead of the usual 20 questions and the skepticism about my ulterior motives when it comes to using medical cannabis, I got this questions:

“How are you managing with everything? Are you going to be okay walking around the city?”

I ended up meeting this older couple aboard the PATH train from Newark to the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. The train was crowded, and although the vast majority of the people kept to themselves, this older couple decided to strike up a conversation with me.

After exchanging pleasantries, the couple asked why a guy my age needs a cane. I explained that its not my choice, but that Primary Lateral Sclerosis has done this to me. A cane helps keep me from falling, and that I do my best to just keep doing what I do.

It was then that I got those two questions.

I could instantly feel the compassion that these two older folks had for me, a complete stranger. It dawned on me that if we could as a human race have more of this type of compassion, that we would be much better off.

The fact that I use marijuana wasn’t an issue for them. Sure, they were surprised to hear about how much it helps me, and that it keeps me off serious spasm medicines such as Baclofen, but there was no judgment, just caring.

Let’s all hope that we can adopt that attitude and impart that into others. Perhaps then we will start seeing people being less judgmental and more understanding to our usage of medical cannabis.