As someone who finds edible marijuana to be my preferred way of medicating myself, I have to say that proper preparation is the key. If you get a pot recipe wrong, it tastes AWFUL. But when you get it right, a good edible simply cannot be beat. Stronger and longer lasting effects are some of the benefits of consuming medical cannabis through edible treats, and I personally have not found a better way to get relief.

Before I began treating myself with medical pot, I thought that the only edible pot was the famous “special brownie”. After I met my caretaker he recommended some other amazing treats, many of which I feel blow the brownie right out of the water.

This blog is dedicated to the treats I love, their potency, and ease of making. All recipes can be found online for easy access:

  • Peanut Butter Protein Bars: These babies are my go to. As someone who suffers from diabetes, these guys give me double the relief. One for my blood sugar, and another for my Primary Lateral Sclerosis, which is the reason I was given a prescription for medical pot. These bars took about 40 minutes to set in, but I was well set for several hours. Excellent stuff.
  • Marijuana Tea: In addition to being smoked and eaten, marijuana can be made into a delicious tea, which can help you get to sleep when you are having a rough night. I put mine into a tea ball with a bit of butter to make the THC dissolve a bit more. A little splash of milk makes this drink a little stronger. A few minutes later I am feeling a good buzz. 30 minutes later, I am passed out; enjoying a good sleep in the process.
  • Magic Pancakes: Sure, this may not be the most intricate of all the recipes you can take, but you need to try these. Simply a pancake mix with pot in it, these pancakes go awesome with a side of bacon and a healthy dose of syrup. A great way to start the day if you ask me.

This list is just a start, but all are a good way to consume your medical weed in a safe way. There are databases online with literally thousands of different marijuana recipes. I would suggest that everyone take a look out there and experiment. You definitely cannot go wrong when you have a good strain of medical marijuana!