8 09, 2019

Awesome Edibles

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As someone who finds edible marijuana to be my preferred way of medicating myself, I have to say that proper preparation is the key. If you get a pot recipe wrong, it tastes AWFUL. But when you get it right, a good edible simply cannot be beat. Stronger and longer lasting effects are some of [...]

5 07, 2017

I Just Tried Vaporizing… Wow!

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Throughout my short period of medical marijuana usage I have come across my preferred ways to consume. I have come to love my edibles, as I feel the effects last a long time and come on a bit mellower than smoking. While I had been researching medicinal marijuana online after getting my card, I came [...]

10 12, 2016

Pills vs Pot

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As someone who suffers from a chronic lifelong disease, I am constantly looking for comfort. Before I was given a prescription for medical marijuana I was dealt a bevy of pills by my family physician. Looking at my pill cabinet while getting ready to write this blog, I found the following pills prescribed to me: [...]