Throughout my short period of medical marijuana usage I have come across my preferred ways to consume. I have come to love my edibles, as I feel the effects last a long time and come on a bit mellower than smoking.

While I had been researching medicinal marijuana online after getting my card, I came upon vaporizing as a way of consuming. The places I researched claim that vaporizing reduces the amount of carcinogens produced by typical smoking, lower the odor emitted when using, and a higher “payload” delivery of cannabis, giving a stronger effect than when smoking.

Needless to say I was intrigued. Edibles aren’t always an option for me, as sometimes I need relief quickly, and edibles can take up to 45 minutes to start working for me. Vaporizing quickly became a realistic option.

I ordered a cheap portable vaporizer off the internet for $39.95 with the thinking that if I was impressed I could upgrade to a better model in the future. My order arrived quickly and after reading how to use it, I got down to business.

The vaporizer was butane powered and heated quickly; I would say my pot heated up in under 25 seconds. Instead of a smoke, this thin, light vapor entered my lungs as I inhaled. My initial thinking was, “This is it?”, but that feeling quickly subsided.

I got hit, and hit hard by a wave of relaxation. I almost remember feeling the “Ahhh” that is often shown when the hot model takes a sip of Pepsi. Vaporization is a revelation, and the effects lasted a long time; not as long as an edible, but definitely longer than smoking a bowl.

I also feel a lot better about vaporizing, as the carcinogens are vastly reduced. Heating marijuana at around 338 degrees Fahrenheit, the vaporizer is very efficient. This is a delicate process, as anything over 392 degrees will burn and smoke the marijuana, giving off those unhealthy carcinogens which cause cancer and toxicity.

For those of you looking for an effective alternative to smoking, I would definitely recommend taking a gander at vaporizing. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the health benefits as well the added potency and length of effect.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.