As someone who suffers from a chronic lifelong disease, I am constantly looking for comfort. Before I was given a prescription for medical marijuana I was dealt a bevy of pills by my family physician. Looking at my pill cabinet while getting ready to write this blog, I found the following pills prescribed to me: Baclofen, Citalopram, Hydrocodone, Toradol, Oxycodone, Tramadol, and Ibuprofen.

These are all from the last year and a half, and have been used to treat pain, inflammation, and depression that goes with my condition. At one point I realized that I was pumping myself so full of pills just to function on a daily basis, and got quite scared.

Putting that many chemicals into my body just to function could not possibly be good. What kind of damage was I doing to my internal system like my liver? Something needed to change, and that is why I decided to make the jump to medical marijuana.

Having used for a little over a month now, I can tell you that medical pot has been a lifesaver. Instead of treating myself constantly with pills (I was up to 20 pills a day just to maintain some semblance of normalcy), I can treat myself as symptoms pop up and get results much faster.

Instead of having a wave of effects come over me as I experienced with my painkillers, I get a nice, creep up with medical marijuana that is much more soothing and easy to take.

Coming off of medical pot is way better for me too. Having been on painkillers for so long, I would have withdrawals when I came off them. Chills, nausea, and a bad attitude were all part of coming off of painkillers for me. I have none of that with pot. No dependency, no bad effects when I am done.

I find that to be much better, and my experiences with medical pot have been so much better. Sure, it costs a lot of money to get my medical cannabis, but I have been able to cut back to just using Ibuprofen, so the costs (almost) end up being the same.

What do you think? Should pot replace pills in your medical treatment?